phase iib-iii Clinical Trial Referral Network Management

Breadth of resources. Successful recruitment.

The inVentiv Health Clinical Patient Recruitment Group (PRG) works directly with sites to identify and engage potential referral sources, including local physician groups and large primary care clinics that are already cooperative with the research site. Focusing on medical practices that are already cooperative or friendly with the investigator allows communications to be tightly targeted and increases the chance of a positive response.

Referring physicians need to feel secure that they are acting in the patient’s best interest and that the referral can provide competent short- and long-term care of the patient. PRG works with sites to address the concerns of potential referral sources. Selecting investigators that are local experts in the targeted therapeutic area plays an important role in facilitating the confident referral of patients.

PRG provides materials and instruction to investigators and site personnel to ensure the success of referral activities. We can provide contact letters, brochures, posters, leave-behinds, and thank-you letters for a successful referral program. We can manage reimbursement for venue, food and drink for investigator meetings.

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Phase IIb-III Brochure