Interactive Response Technologies

Management. Automation.

inVentiv Health Clinical's advanced Interactive Response Technologies (IRT) automate randomization and clinical supplies management and offer easy-to-use reports and electronic patient diaries via fully integrated web and telephone user interfaces (IWR and IVR). Our customized IRT services meet your specific trial needs to automate processes, reduce costs, and produce reports in required formats, all with 24/7 support.

Inventory Management Services

  • Automated drug supply ordering and tracking
  • Coordinates shipments to sites and depots
  • Supports predictive, dynamic/static target threshold, and just in time supply models
  • Management of drug expiration dates
  • Depot to depot supply management
  • Supports regional labeling and distribution
  • Multi-study supply pooling
  • Alerts for low inventory conditions at sites and depots

Randomization Services

  • Support for static and minimization randomization schemes, stratification, and cohorts
  • Flexibility to accommodate adaptive trial designs
  • Support for parallel and cross over trials
  • Drug assignments incorporating titration rules as necessary
  • Automatic randomization limit alerts
  • Multilingual IVRS systems and technical support
  • 24/7 emergency un-blinding service to authorized individuals
  • Warning to study staff of critical conditions and/or milestones achieved

Customer Service

  • 24x7x365 global technical support
  • Experienced IRT Project Managers
  • Expert support and guidance during the system specification creation process
  • Exceptional planning, execution and coordination

Real-Time Web Reporting

  • Interactive web reports for subject and inventory information
  • Web reports downloadable in various formats
  • Reports configured for blinded and un-blinded user groups
  • Transaction data captured on confirmation reports

Diary Services

  • inVentiv Health Clinical IRT offers diary service for cost effective capture of patient reported outcomes
  • Automatic Diary Compliance alerts sent to site personnel and site monitors
  • Real time reporting of patient reported outcomes

IRT Service Options

  • Integrates with major Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems
  • Custom integrations with CTMS, ePRO, and other systems available
  • Replace drug assignments and register missed visits
  • Site activation with IRB date capture and extension rules

Phase IIb-III Brochure


Interactive Response Technologies (IRT) Fact Sheet