Phase IIb & III Clinical Trials Advertising and Promotions

Creative. Compliant Recruitment.

In countries where advertising is allowed, advertising and promotion is often the best method for reaching a mass audience and driving new patients into the clinic from the community. Whereas most other techniques are incremental, advertising is additive.

The inVentiv Health Clinical Patient Recruitment Group (PRG) is experienced designing and managing cost effective advertising campaigns targeting patients. The PRG designs and produces highly-focused marketing materials to attract the selected population and tailor these materials for the needs of individual sites. Our media based recruitment initiatives include television, radio, print or web advertising and materials including direct mail programs and public relations.

It is highly recommended that all responses to advertising are processed through a central response management system that provides expanded hours coverage, increases referral capacity and provides for real-time monitoring of referral activity and site responsiveness. Every call is logged and immediately patched directly to a pre-identified person at the site. Responses are tracked and data is analyzed.

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